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Biography of Deobrat Mishra (Sitar artist)

Selectivity, Melody and Chain Harmony (Slow,Medium,and Fast) is main prominent feature of his style. He is one of the seventh generation artists of Benares Gharana. Deobrat Mishra has born in a renowned music family of Benares Gharana.
He got music as hereditary gift. He learnt music from his father the great sitar Maestro Pandit Shivanth Mishra who is a world famous Sitarist.
He learnt tabla first then vocal music and then Sitar in the age of five. He learnt tabla from his Mother who is a granddaughter of well known tablist Baiju Mishra.

The age of 8 he gave first Sitar stage Programme in a Shitala Temple where he gain a lot of thanks and praise inspired from a little programme in very short age, he made up his mind to be great artist in future. He practiced more and hard and gave many performances in his locality where he get honor and fame.
Many great artists encouraged Deobrat Mishra, among which is grand uncle Padmabhshan Pt. Kishan Maharaj (world famous tabla artist) he played very astonishing Sitar and honored by many eminent artist of the age that time he has only 10 years old seeing that his grandfather Pandit Mahadev Prasad Mishra (the Great Vocalist) had tears of happiness in his eye and wished him the artist of the coming generation. In the age of 11th he gave his programme in India Radio.
He played with a lot of artists among which Late Pt. Nankoo Moharoj (Grand Father maternal side), Prakash Maharaj, Kumar Lal Mishra, Lachhu Maharaj,Ustad Fazal Qureshi(Brother of Ustad Zakir Hussain) Nazim Hussain (Son of Padama Vibhushan Bishmillas Khan), Pt. Homnath Upadhyay (Nepal), Hanif Khan (England) etc are tabla player's Ikram Khan (sharangi player) are in memory.
He visited abroad first in 1994 for the sake of Indian Classical musical expansion. He gained a lot of experiences during his first visit. He goes abroad every year for expansion of Indian Classical music. In 1994 he recorded his music for a Japanese feature film "DEEP RIVER" people of Japan like it very much.
In 1995 he stood in a panel of best sitarist in All over India Youth Festival 1995 organized by Indian Government: It was very tuff competition but he was sure with his "SUR AND TALA".
The Italian CONSERVATORY has organized three days Seminar of Indian Classical Music. In which he taught about Indian Classical Music with his father. That time was very important to him to convey the characteristic of his music. It was very nice to teach students in Conservatory.
In 1997 he presented Jazz Concert in Italy which was much liked by audience. In 1998 he gave his stage programme in Paris and many cities of France.
He live presented his art of instrumental music in 'TELEPIO" (MILANO) National Television of Italy. This programme was much liked by Italian People. S.O.R.F Musical Representative Organisation has made 2 CDs of him which is duet of his father with him.
In 1999 he gave concert in North America & Japan.
There are many Cds in market of Deobrat mishra by Tseries ,Bihan Music Kolkata and also with many music company in Europe and in north America.
In 2005 Deobrat Mishra played & record Cds with symphony orchestra “Orchestra del Piamonte” in Torino with 120 musicians of symphony and conduct Indian Raga Bhairavi with them.
DEOBRAT MlSHRA thinks about collection of every kinds of music of the world and to present Indian Classical music to the beloved audience.
He has an idea about himself that he is made by loves and boon of audience. Parents care is very much helpful to him to be an artist. He likes to get this love and care always.